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Zenefits is a company based in the United States that offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with health insurance coverage. Zenefits was founded in 2013. It is headquartered in San Francisco.

A business owner mentioned, "We had a very difficult time actually using the services Zenefits provided. Not only did we have MULTIPLE issues with medical coverage, start dates, end dates, and changes in medical plans, we also had problems where employees were sent medical bills months later claiming coverage had been canceled despite any lapses in coverage with Zenefits.

Now, after months of being off the system, I've been AUTORENEWED for an entire year and customer support sent me a copy of the MSA with the statement, We have sent the renewal emails to you prior to the renewal and we will not be able to provide a refund as per the MSA. I've scoured my inbox and see no emails ever sent regarding my renewal."


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Inside Sales Director (Former Employee) says

"“Sinking ship” with no immediate fix to the problems. Instead of trying to turn around “mis hire reps” they need to get tough and let them go. There are so many Sales Reps and SDR’s that would rather play ping pong or sit on the couches instead of working. Those reps never hit goal and 70% of them don’t hit min. Goals out reach? Maybe? Best reps leave org on the regular for companies that their stuff together. This place is your “classic cobra farm” no total motivation here."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Poor decision making and management at the executive level. No guidance or development for both individual contributors and managers (first time and experienced managers). Culture is the hardest thing to change and the biggest challenge this company faces."

Assist small (Former Employee) says

"They are no longer open in arizona, so that says a lot. The culture was very nice but the hours were horrible. A lot of 19 hour days. If they somehow come back it maybe different, but keep an eye out.free lunchso much"

Customer Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to work 12 to 13 hour days as a Customer Support Associate. That means working 10 hour days at work and if you don't finish your work, you are required to bring your work home and finish it that night. There is no work life balance. If you have a family or social life, you will have to give it up keep up with the work load. Most management are not qualified to do there job and some did not start at the bottom to understand issues that come up with positions below them to be able to handle them appropriately. Stop using the excuse we are a start up company because the company is passed that now. All business have growing pains but don't use that as the excuse and listen to your employees.Free snacks, unlimited vacation, & healthcareNo work life balance, Long hours, work 50 to 60 hours per week"

Customer Care Associate II (Former Employee) says

"The infrastructure of Zenefits and it's teams are so poorly organized that it is nearly impossible to be heard or to create positive change. Employees are undervalued and are rarely validated. Zenefits creates an illusion of transparency and inclusivity, while in all reality management and colleagues alike are rarely held accountable for massive errors and inefficiency. Employees are expected to take on and complete an incredibly high volume of work, with little regard to work/life balance. Salaried employees have had to beg for some sort of further compensation when required to work overtime due to the misguiding of management and false promises made to clients. Don't be fooled by the ping pong tables and fully stocked kitchen. There is very little regard for employees and their needs, and no one is open to constructive criticism. Free lunchwork/life balance is non-existent, teams are drowning in work due to mismanagement, clients are misguided on a regular basis"

Outbound Sales Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and even worse culture. This organization has a long ways to go before things improve. Hopefully the new CEO can turn things around. Great product, poor execution."

Fullfillment (Former Employee) says

"They play favorites here more than anything. It comes down to being the most charismatic, not the hardest working. They outsource a lot of their jobs to countries like the Philippines and do massive layoffs at least once or twice a year.Free food"

Customer Benefits Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"the lunch, snack and drink benefits were nice. But they had to do it to make up for the company's constant flux. They are constantly competing with ADP which is nearby so instead of benefits, they poorly do payroll. What a mess. Originally they were primarily benefits and they had a separate payroll department. Be careful, they tend to change direction and do mass layoffs so make sure you have a backup plan"

Benefits Advisor Large Group- Nationwide (Former Employee) says

"Long Hours, no work life balance, working every weekend. you work in every state and health care laws are different per state. Not ideal for ppl with families or work life balance.free breakfast lunch dinner but you have to stay ALL day to get it12-14 hours 6 days a week"

Benefit Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A very volatile place to work in. Went through 3 layoffs in less than a year. Workload was outrageous when they let of 50% of employees. no upward movement."

Implementation Manager (Current Employee) says

"Zenefits does not respect quality of life when it comes to their employees. Management must take steps and not just say they are reviewing possible ways to make peoples lives easier. You cannot change the world if your employees are miserable.Smart and nice co workers that want to do their bestLack of support from management and disregard for work load. It is never enough"

Insurance Customer Care Associate/Broker Services (Former Employee) says

"I didn't care for Zenefits. Me personally I'm not a call center type of person so my experience is going to be a little different from everybody else."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company to anyone who has sales experience. It is a great place for a new college graduate to start. This company has a lot of potential however it is being misguided. Excellent product, not so great executionEmployeesWork culture, long hours"


"I do not reccomend at all. I was very disappointed in the way they laid off 400 employees for being an HR company. Please consider a better opportunity."

Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend Zenefits to anyone I know. There was no work life balances. Training was not beneficial. The company seemed to be biting off more than they could chew. There was no employee retention."

Sales Representative/Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Spend your day making cold calls, checking emails, and attending team meetings. Schedule appointments with clients. Meet quota by finding companies that find Zenefits beneficial and want to proceed forward with implementation.Great cafeteria!Not able to prospect your own accounts anymore."

Support (Former Employee) says

"Zenefits changed business directions multiple times. This led to disarray and carrier ambiguity. There were *some* opportunities for advancement, but the company was set in such tight silos that it was difficult to move to different departments. Work life balance was always a difficult thing to do. Since they were always changing structure and direction, departments were constantly in turmoil, so there was always too much work to get done in one day.free lunch, stocked kitchen, "unlimited" PTOlong hours, carrier ambiguity"

Scottsdale, Arizona Sales Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company layoffs have sent great employees to seek opportunities elsewhere. Tough sales environment but very rewarding. I heralded a team that was always in the top 5 out of 25 teams, but still it seemed like the next quota was the one to focus on even harder over eggshells."

Member Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place for people with families and extensive social life. The typical work week is 50 hours minimum. It is a start up company with ever-changing processes and little guidanceFree lunch, great benefitsLong hours"

Implementation Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pros: Free Food Fun People Very Competitive Pay Challenging wok that is not Micro-Managed Cons: Lack of Management or Leadership Training was not adequate or even existent at times. Company has conducted multiple rounds of Layoffs in the past 5 months."

Olivier Veyrac says

"Customer support is nonexistent (I'll be surprised if this review is even viewed). The Flexible Spending account requires a massive amount of paperwork, uploading receipts that are randomly rejected. Claims are not processed on time and queries not answered. I am about to lose $200 of unprocessed claims."

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